de noma

literary agent

I’m a hands-on agent with deep editorial and international sales expertise whose purpose is to put quality narratives out into the world and help authors build their careers, whether that comprises a single book or 30. I firmly believe that stories of all kinds have the power to open minds and change the world. I sit in the United States and represent global authors writing in English to publishers in North America and others acquiring global English language rights.

My work as an agent is a culmination of my decades of experience as a literary editor, foreign rights manager, manager of design and editorial teams, translator, and ghost writer. I have a PhD in literary studies from the University of Washington and have been awarded several awards, including a Fulbright Scholarship.

What I’m looking for: narrative nonfiction of universal interest – experts and storytellers in environmental science, sociology, psychology, medicine, parenting, history, anthropology, and remarkable memoirs (individual and of a group) that give us insight into our greater human story. Occasionally I represent a work of exceptional fiction.

Please submit queries and proposals to denoma at

Nonfiction submissions require a proposal, including sample chapters. Fiction queries require a complete, edited draft of the manuscript.

It’s impossible to reply individually to the quantity of submissions that we receive. If you haven’t heard back from us acknowledging receipt within a month and you’ve followed up, it’s safe to assume that wasn’t the best fit for our team. Thank you for your understanding.