literary agent

My name is Jeanine Langenberg and I joined Sebes & Bisseling in 2008. I represent American, Australian, British and Canadian clients in The Netherlands and Scandinavia. I also help sell translation rights for S&B Amsterdam titles all over the world. I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in The Netherlands, Australia, Ireland and Belgium. I hold a master’s degree in English Language and Culture from the University of Leiden and a master’s degree in editing from University of Amsterdam. I’m interested in working with authors from all over the world and have worked on a wide range of nonfiction books including cooking, health, popular science, psychology, sociology, philosophy, travel, business, history, art, nature, politics, self-help, humor and parenting. When it comes to fiction, I love to read all kinds of novels including literary fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, romance, suspense, historical fiction, crossover and fantasy, or any novel that will transfix or transport you, to another place.