literary agent

I’ve been working as a literary agent for 8 years now, after obtaining a Master’s degree in Editing at the University of Amsterdam. Finding out that there’s such a thing as a literary agent who helps authors develop book ideas and deals with selling book rights worldwide was liberating to me, as it combines the commercial, content-related and human aspects of the publishing industry. 

In my daily operations, I co-head the multiple international branches of Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency in Berlin, London and Stockholm, as well as our team in Amsterdam. I work with authors in all languages and aim to sell their books in all languges and forms.

Being a literary agent for me is about feeding curiosity, having broad interests and aiming to enrichen people’s lives with the books we bring to the world. Whether that’s in fiction or non fiction, I’m always looking for books that move, fascinate, inform, teach or improve their readers. More specifically, I’m open to submissions in the non fiction genres of (narrative) history, (popular) science and philosophy, psychology, politics and societal issues, economics, nature, sports, health, and self improvement. In fiction/narrative, I’m looking for literary novels, memoirs and crime fiction, as long as it’s told in a distinctive or refreshing voice, or tackles out-of-the-ordinary issues.

Books I have been especially proud to have worked on internationally are JELLYFISH AGE BACKWARDS by Nicklas Brendborg, THE DARKNESS MANIFESTO by Johan Eklöf, HOW TO SLEEP LIKE A CAVEMAN by Merijn van de Laar, THE CLEARING by Sara Strömberg and LAST STOP AUSCHWITZ by Eddy de Wind.

I’m specifically not looking for romance, YA and sci-fi/fantasy. 

You can reach me with your book idea, proposal or manuscipt at Kleuver [at]