literary agent

My name is Willem Bisseling, and I have been co-owner of Sebes & Bisseling since 2016. After my Dutch language studies in Leiden, I wanted to learn more about publishing. I started the editing master’s programme at the University of Amsterdam and met Paul through a mutual friend. In 2006 I started co-reading manuscripts and soon afterwards joined Paul’s team. Together with Paul I developed the Dutch branch of the agency and within a few years we took on many new authors. We now represent over a hundred Dutch authors and thousands of Americans, Brits and Scandinavians.

I am proud to have created a high-quality and industry-leading agency where I work passionately every day. My love for stories and the people who write them is just as great as it was years ago. I’m always on the lookout for new untold stories; for fresh voices and unique ideas. Both for the Dutch and the international market. I’m looking for literary fiction, a (commercial thriller) now and then, cookbooks, narrative non-fiction in all genres (history, current affairs, inspirational), occasionally a children’s book, popular science and celebrity books – as long as the manuscript is a gem in its genre.

I’m specifically not looking for romance, YA and sci-fi/fantasy